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Welcome to Virtus Payment

Welcome to Virtus Payments.

Virtus Payment is evolving rapidly in accordance with payment methods that advance every day and the rapid growth of the Fintech industry.

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Respond to customer needs with abundant payment services!

We offer various payment methods such as recurring payments, virtual payments, and foreign currency payments; all with a credit card.

Please choose Virtus Payment for your payment processing needs.


Corresponds to industries that are difficult to apply payment services.

  • A company, a store, or an individual shortly after the start of a business
  • Got denied of implementation of payment services by other companies
  • The commission rate was too high
Corresponds to industries that are difficult to apply payment services.Corresponds to industries that are difficult to apply payment services.

Merits of implementation

There are many benefits of implementing credit card payment services.

In addition to improving efficiency, there are various benefits such as an increase in sales and the number of customers.

Various credit card brands can be used


It is possible to use various credit card brands including the five major brands.

Various credit card brands can be usedVarious credit card brands can be used

Quick and easy implementation

As long as there are necessary documents, payment service can be implemented on the same day at the shortest.

Virtus Payment is flexible and we want our customers to use our service as soon as possible.


Flow of implementation

Flow of implementationFlow of implementation

24 hours customer support center

We monitor unauthorized credit card payments and communication errors 24 hours a day.

Virtus Payment has a business alliance with Viritas Logic Inc., headquartered in the Philippines, which enables outsourced 24/7 Japanese language support.

24/7 Japanese language support.24/7 Japanese language support.



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